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Facebook Advertising

Facebook advertising can make or break your business.


Why let just a few local Buffalo companies - your competition - dominate Facebook?

There are two main strategies your business must master. If your business does not have a strategy for Facebook and/or Google you need to rethink what you are doing!

Many people understand how Google can help them get more customers. But what is so special about Facebook? Facebook is where your customers spend time, even if you do not.

  • 1.55 Billion people log on to Facebook every month.
  • 1.39 Billion people log on to Facebook via a mobile device every month.

Your customers are there, and Facebook knows an awful lot about them. This creates a unique opportunity for powerful, precision targeting that can reach your perfect target audience in ways that that traditional advertising, or even Google advertising, can only dream of!

Let’s take a look at Facebook targeting:

Imagine you are a wedding photographer. Did you know that you could find people that were recently engaged to be married, making more than 50K a year, within 35 miles of your business, and deliver timely and relevant ads directly to them?

Now imagine how this might apply to your business. Would reaching especially those people, specifically interested, or in need of your product or service land you more customers and skyrocket your business? Imagine the power of never again wasting a penny of your advertising budget on an audience who isn't relevant to your business. Would you like that kind of return on your advertising investment? We can help you get started today, and you'll see quality leads and new customers right away. We even install a special code on your website that will follow your site visitors when they are on Facebook. Let's get your business using techniques of the world's most successful brands!



Ready to leverage Facebook for more leads, more customers, and better ROI?

Future Buffalo is helping Buffalo, NY based companies grow their Facebook pages and connect to more customers. If you'd like to learn how to join them, give us a call at (716) 221-0701 or request a free 15 minute consultation today!